Taco Bell Quesadilla Sauce Copycat Recipe

If you like Taco Bell’s quesadilla sauce, you’ll want to try this copycat recipe. It’s creamy, spicy, and fantastic with quesadillas, tacos, and even nachos!

This Taco Bells quesadilla sauce copycat recipe just takes 5 minutes to create! It’s the ideal blend of creamy and spicy flavors.

What Is Taco Bell Quesadilla Sauce?

Taco Bell’s quesadilla sauce is creamy and spicy. It’s made using jalapeño peppers, sour cream, mayonnaise, and a variety of spices.

Ingredients You’ll Need

  • mayonnaise
  • sour cream
  • pickled jalapeno juice
  • pickled jalapenos
  • paprika
  • ground cumin
  • garlic granules
  • onion powder
  • salt
  • chili powder

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How to Make Taco Bell Quesadilla Sauce

In a medium mixing bowl, combine all of the ingredients. Serve with quesadillas, tacos, or nachos!

What Do Taco Bell Quesadillas Have In Them?

Taco Bell’s quesadillas are filled with a three-cheese mix, chicken or beef, and a tasty quesadilla sauce.

Taco Bell Quesadilla Sauce Copycat Recipe

If you’re a big fan of the quesadilla sauce at Taco Bell, you’ll want to give this copycat recipe a try. It’s creamy, spicy, and delicious served with quesadillas, tacos, and even nachos!


Servings: 8servings


  • cupmayonnaise
  • cupsour cream
  • 3 tbsp pickled jalapeño juice (from a jar of pickled jalapenos)
  • 3tablespoonspickled jalapenosdiced
  • 2teaspoonspaprika
  • 2teaspoonsground cumin
  • 1teaspoongarlic granules
  • 1teaspoononion powder
  • saltto taste
  • teaspoonchili powder


  • In a medium mixing bowl, combine all of the ingredients. Serve with quesadillas, tacos, or nachos!


What kind of sauce do they use at Taco Bell for quesadillas?

Without the bells and whistles, this dish is delicious.

The Chicken Quesadilla is a purist’s supper, and we mean that in the best manner imaginable. It’s a basic flour tortilla with grilled chicken, a heaping helping of melted three-cheese mix, creamy jalapeo sauce, and no frills.

How to make Taco Bell’s creamy ja?

Ingredients: 34 cup sour cream.
14 cup mayonnaise.
2 Tablespoons pickled jalapeño jalapenos diced.
2 Tablespoons pickled jalapeno pepper juice.
1 teaspoon garlic powder.
1 teaspoon onion powder.
½ teaspoon salt.
12 teaspoon cumin.

Does Taco Bell have quesadilla sauce?

Taco Bell quesadilla sauce, often known as creamy jalapeño sauce, is a sauce served with chicken quesadillas at Taco Bell. If you ordered this at a restaurant, you’d receive a flour tortilla, chicken, a three-cheese mix, and this tasty jalapeño sauce.

Is Baja sauce on Taco Bell quesadilla?

Taco Bell Baja Sauce delivers Taco Bell sensations into your house in the form of a thick, delectably creamy sauce that transforms every meal into a fiesta. This baja sauce is ready to use and is the ideal finishing touch for your baja shrimp tacos and chicken quesadilla.

Does Taco Bell have a secret sauce?

Taco Bell’s infamous lava sauce was phased out in 2016. Did you realize, though, that you may manufacture your own? Mix a side of nacho cheese with 2-3 packets of fire sauce and add it to anything your heart wants.

Is Taco Bell creamy jalapeno sauce the same as chipotle sauce?

The usual chicken quesadilla is served with “creamy jalapeo” sauce, but Taco Bell used to offer a tiny version that changed that sauce with “creamy chipotle,” which is hotter and more smoky.

What is the white sauce at Taco Bell?

Orange sauce with acidic tastes and a hint of spiciness. Taco Bell, a fast food company, popularized Baja style sauce in the late 1990s.It’s just a creamy, white sauce.

What is Taco Bell’s filler?

What it is: It is a corn-based thickener created from basic corn starch that has been chemically modified to add additional properties. While modified corn starch still thickens like regular corn starch (which you may use in puddings or to thicken various sauces if you cook), it also has a longer shelf life.

What are the cream filled things at Taco Bell?

Cinnabon Delights: Crispy doughnut holes dusted with cinnamon sugar and filled with cream cheese icing. In minutes, you can make this Taco Bell classic at home!

Do they sell jalapeno sauce from Taco Bell?

Unfortunately, the company isn’t as generous with its famous quesadilla sauce. According to the Taco Bell website, an additional serving of creamy jalapeño sauce (the condiment’s actual name) costs around $0.60 cents per cup. As a result, stockpiling for any unexpected desires may quickly pile up.

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