How to Tell if Mushrooms are Bad

Mushrooms are a tasty complement to many meals, but they deteriorate rapidly. In this piece, we’ll look at mushrooms and how to detect whether they’ve gone rotten.

How to Tell if Mushrooms Are Bad

1. Whether They’re Wrinkled

Fresh mushrooms have a high water content and are plump and silky. Mushrooms that have just begun to wrinkle but have not turned discolored, stinky, or slimy should be utilized right away. If the mushrooms are wrinkled, it is preferable to discard them.

2. Whether They Have Dark Spots

When mushrooms begin to rot, they acquire brownish blotches. Even if the spots are few and little, you should be able to consume them. When they are coated with black patches, it is advisable to discard them.

3. Whether They Feel Slimy

Slimy mushrooms are an obvious sign that they have rotted. It’s preferable to get rid of them immediately away.

4. Whether They Feel Soft

To the touch, fresh mushrooms should be firm and plump. If they feel spongy, squishy, or soggy, they have most certainly spoiled and should be discarded.

5. Whether They Have a Strong Smell

Mushrooms with a strong odor should not be consumed. Fresh mushrooms have no discernible aroma. If the mushrooms have a strong ammonia, sour, or fishy odor, discard them.

6. Whether They’re Moldy 

Mold is an indication that mushrooms have rotted. Mold may not have spread to the whole box if you just find mold on one or two mushrooms. Remove the rotten mushrooms, thoroughly clean the remaining mushrooms, and use as soon as possible.

How to Tell if Sliced Mushrooms are Bad

Sliced mushrooms deteriorate more quickly than entire mushrooms. It is preferable to discard them if they display any of the above-mentioned indicators of deterioration.

How to Properly Store Mushrooms

  • Mushrooms should be kept in a manner that allows for some air movement without over-drying. A paper bag loosely coiled up and refrigerated is a suitable storage option. Another method is to put the mushrooms in a plastic bag packed with paper towels to absorb moisture. If you aren’t utilizing the mushrooms right away, be sure to change the paper towels often.
  • Do not move the mushrooms if they were sold in a sealed plastic or cardboard container. Instead, keep them sealed until you’re ready to utilize them.

How Long Do Mushrooms Last? 

Whole mushrooms may be stored at room temperature for 1-3 days. They may be kept in the fridge for 5-7 days. Sliced mushrooms will keep at room temperature for approximately a day and in the fridge for 3-5 days.

Can You Freeze Fresh Mushrooms? 

Fresh fresh mushrooms may be frozen, although this is not advised since they turn mushy when cooked. Cook the mushrooms first, then store them in freezer-safe containers for up to a year.

Can You Cook Spoiled Mushrooms?

Mushrooms that exhibit indications of rotting should always be discarded. This will protect you from potentially hazardous microorganisms.

Do Store-Bought Mushrooms Last Longer?

Store-bought and wild-picked mushrooms have almost the same shelf life. Before using mushrooms, always check for rotting.

How to Store Mushrooms

Mushrooms are a delicious addition to dishes but they can spoil quickly. In this post we’re taking a closer look at mushrooms, and how to tell if they’ve gone bad.


Servings: 4cups


  • 4cupsfresh mushrooms


  • Place the mushrooms in a plastic bag lined with paper towels.
  • If you aren’t utilizing the mushrooms right away, be sure to change the paper towels often.


Can you eat slightly bad mushrooms?

When they have an odor, they are not suitable for consumption. If they’re on the verge of becoming slimy, you may be able to save them in a high-heat preparation, such as soup.Toss or eat: If the mushrooms are slimy and nasty,

What does a bad mushroom look like?

They’re in trouble if they have bruises or black blotches, seem slimy and moist, or are significantly darker in color than typical. And they’re certainly not edible if they’re soggy, squishy, or floppy.

How long can mushrooms last in the fridge?

Whole, raw mushrooms will stay in the refrigerator for 4-7 days, whereas sliced mushrooms (stored the same manner) will last 1-2 days. Do not wash until you are ready to use it. Brush off any debris and immediately rinse under water before patting dry to clean mushrooms.

What can happen if you eat bad mushrooms?

nausea. stomach cramps. vomiting. Diarrhea (sometimes bloody)

Is it OK to cook old mushrooms?

If you don’t eat up a box of mushrooms right immediately, they may begin to dry up, but don’t throw them away. Mushrooms can be reconstituted, and although they won’t look as nice as firm, juicy, fresh ones, they’ll cook just fine.

Is it OK to cook slimy mushrooms?

A slimy coating is an indication of a rotten mushroom. If you detect it early and fry ’em up right away, you can get another day out of your’shrooms, but once the slime begins, it’s a steep slope toward the darkening in color and mushy texture that indicates mold of the inedible sort.

How do you know if mushrooms have gone bad in the fridge?

Fresh mushrooms are dry, solid, and smooth, with an earthy aroma. Bad mushrooms are softer (perhaps mushy), sticky, slimy, shriveled, maybe moldy and discolored, and stink.

Can mushrooms last 2 weeks in the fridge?

How long do mushrooms last? Mushrooms will keep in the refrigerator for 5 to 7 days on average. A few things may influence its useful lifetime.

Can you eat 10 day old mushrooms?

Fresh whole mushrooms may be stored in the fridge for up to 10 days, while fresh sliced mushrooms can be kept for up to 7 days. Cooked mushrooms may be stored in the fridge for 7 to 10 days. Here’s how to keep mushrooms fresh for as long as possible. Fresh mushrooms may be kept for up to 10 days if properly stored.

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