27 Best Sushi Recipes

Sushi is a delectable Japanese cuisine composed of vinegared sushi rice, seaweed sheets, and additional items such as fish and vegetables. We’ve compiled a list of 27 of the Best Sushi Recipes that are simple to prepare at home.

Spicy Tuna Sushi Roll

Spicy Tuna Roll

This is a traditional Japanese sushi roll that is smooth, creamy, and spicy. The nori seaweed sheet contains seasoned sushi rice, avocado, and sashimi-grade tuna mixed with sriracha spicy mayo. Once the sushi rice is ready, this hand roll recipe takes around 15 minutes from start to finish.

Dragon Roll (Shrimp Tempura Roll with Avocado Topping)

Shrimp tempura is crunchy and delicious! Combine it with avocado for an incredible taste combination.

Avocado Sushi

This straightforward sushi roll is created with seasoned sushi rice and chunks of creamy avocado wrapped in nori.

California Roll Sushi

This well-known sushi roll has fake crab meat, cucumber, and avocado. Prepare it at home for a quick lunch.

Volcano Sushi

Seafood, such as shrimp or salmon, is wrapped with sushi rice, veggies, and creamy avocado. This sushi roll gets its name from the scorching lava topping.

Spicy Crab Roll Sushi

This classic sushi roll is creamy, filling, and peppery to the core. The shredded kani crab stick is seasoned with sriracha spicy mayo before being wrapped in nori seaweed sheets and seasoned rice. Once the sushi rice is ready, these easy sushi rolls take around 15 minutes to prepare. I’ll show you how to roll beautiful sushi by using step-by-step images.

Nori Sushi

Nori Seaweed

Nori is an essential component in maki, uramaki, and temaki sushi. This is dried seaweed offered in thin sheets of dark green.

Easy Vegan Sushi

This plant-based sushi roll is simple to prepare and delicious. Substitute tofu for the fish in this vegan-friendly uramaki.

Crunchy Roll Sushi

Crunchy Roll Sushi

The crispy roll has the texture of a California roll. Prepare yourself for crispy shrimp tempura and a toasted breadcrumb topping.

Rainbow Roll Sushi

Rainbow Roll Sushi

This is a popular sushi option at many Japanese restaurants. It’s uramaki sushi, with rice wrapped around seaweed nori and filled with creamy avocado and fake crab. A rainbow sushi roll is topped with a colorful array of fresh fish such as salmon, tuna, and yellowtail, as well as avocado slices. This roll is a terrific way to try a variety of fish at once.

Philadelphia Roll (Smoked Salmon Sushi)

This wonderful sushi roll is made of smoked salmon, cream cheese, and cucumber wrapped in nori and rice.

Caterpillar Roll

Caterpillar Roll

The caterpillar roll is similar to the unagi roll, but with a delicious avocado topping.

Cooked Tuna Sushi

Did you know that tinned tuna may be used in sushi? This dish is fast, simple, and nutritious.

Spicy Salmon Roll

Spicy Salmon Roll

This salmon sushi is created with your favorite salmon that has been coated in a spicy sriracha mayo before being wrapped in a nori seaweed sheet and fluffy sushi rice! You may simply modify the roll by adding more delectable ingredients such as avocado or cucumber. It’s far less expensive than eating out or ordering takeout.

Vegetable Sushi

These buns contain no meat. Enjoy homemade vegetarian sushi prepared with carrots, bell peppers, and cucumbers.

Deep Fried Sushi Rolls

These sushi rolls elevate tempura to new heights. Before being deep fried to crispy perfection, the whole roll is coated in a handmade tempura batter.

Spider Roll Sushi

This prepared sushi roll is made composed of soft-shell crab tempura, cucumber, and carrots. Serve with wasabi and soy sauce.

Oshinko Roll

Oshinko is a crispy pickled vegetable in Japan, similar to radishes or cucumbers. Wrap these vegetables in rice and nori to make oshinko sushi.

Boston Roll (Cooked Shrimp Sushi)

This Boston roll is made out of tender parched shrimp, somewhat sweet avocado, and crisp cucumber. If you want to go fancy, garnish with tobiko or masago.

Eel Sushi (Unagi Sushi Roll)

Unagi Roll

BBQ eel and cucumber are combined to make unagi sushi, which is then drizzled with a sweet and spicy unagi sauce.

Salmon Skin Roll

This enormous sushi roll with crispy salmon skin is perfect for seafood enthusiasts.

Cucumber Roll

A low-calorie sushi roll with fresh, crisp cucumber, pickled carrots, and creamy avocado. Ideal for vegans!

Sweet Potato Sushi Roll (Maki Roll)

In this vegan-friendly sushi toll, roasted sweet potatoes are an unexpected but wonderful component.

Futomaki Roll

Futomaki are jumbo-sized sushi rolls that are both easy to create and delicious to eat! For a more full roll, this roll has a thicker coating of sushi rice.

Octopus Sushi

Tako nigiri, or Japanese octopus sushi, is a classic Japanese sushi roll made out of a tiny ball of seasoned sushi rice topped with slices of sashimi-grade octopus. A tiny strand of nori holds the rice and octopus together.

Tamago Nigiri Sushi (Cooked Egg Sushi)

Tamago sushi is a sweet and delicious Japanese omelet served over seasoned sushi rice. Enjoy delicious sushi for breakfast.

The Best Sushi Pizza

Sushi pizza resembles unrolled temaki. A triangle of nori, cooked sushi rice, and all of your favorite toppings, such as avocado and smoked salmon, are required.

Best Sushi Recipe Collection

This simple sushi roll is made with seasoned sushi rice and bits of creamy avocado, rolled in nori.


Servings: 24pieces (3 rolls)


For the Sushi Rice

  • 1cupsushi riceuncooked short-grain sushi rice
  • 1cupwater
  • 2 tbsp sugar1 tbsp optional sushi vinegaror combining 1 tbsp rice vinegar, 1 tbsp

For the Avocado Roll

  • 2avocadosripe but still firm
  • 2sheets noriseaweed sheet

Optional for Serving

  • sesame seeds
  • unagi sauce
  • masago


Cook Sushi Rice

  • Rinse the sushi rice before placing it in the rice cooker. Cook according to the package directions. (You can also cook it on the stovetop in a standard pot.)
  • Transfer the rice to a large mixing bowl and set aside to cool somewhat. Stir in the sushi vinegar (or rice vinegar and sugar combo) while it’s still extremely heated.

Slice the Avocado

  • Cut the avocado lengthwise until the pit is reached.
  • Rotate the avocado in a straight line until your knife reaches the beginning point.
  • Gently twist the avocado halves apart to separate the two halves.
  • Place the avocado on a chopping board and set aside. With one hand, hold it, and then tap the back edge of a knife into the pit. To remove the pit, twist it and then pull it straight up.
  • 3 inch).

    Remove the skin. The avocado should then be sliced into thin slices lengthwise (approximately 1 inch).

Make Avocado Rolls

  • Place the bamboo mat on top of a piece of plastic wrap. This will prevent the rice from being stuck to the bamboo.
  • Fold the nori sheet in half and divide with scissors.
  • Half of the nori sheet should be placed on top of the bamboo mat, shiny side down.
  • Spread 4 cup cooked rice evenly over the nori sheet with your hands. (To avoid stickiness, dip your hands in Tezu vinegar water.)

    Take 3

  • Flip everything so that rice is facing down.
  • Place 4 avocado slices on top of the nori.
  • Lift the edge of the bamboo mat up and over the filling with your thumbs.
  • Roll the bamboo mat away from you and push down to tighten it. Continue rolling until the two ends touch.
  • Take off the mat and the plastic wrap. After that, cut the roll into bite-size pieces. Optional sesame seeds are sprinkled on top. Serve and have fun!


Bamboo Sushi Mat
Wooden Spoon


  • 4 cup water and 2 tablespoons rice vinegar.Tezu water for hand dipping: 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 x
  • For the greatest results, choose a ripe avocado that is still firm.
  • To keep your sushi rolls from breaking apart, squeeze the rice and contents while rolling. When you’re done, lightly press the roll one more time.


What is the most popular sushi dish?

1. California Roll- The most popular sushi roll by far. Cucumber, crab, and avocado make up the California roll.

What is the most popular sushi filling?

It’s simple to understand why smoked salmon has become one of the most popular sushi fillings: it’s wonderful. It is also widely available in supermarkets, making it accessible to all sushi enthusiasts.

What is the most popular cooked sushi roll?

Deep Fried Sushi Rolls are the best cooked sushi.
Sushi in the shape of a spider.
The Oshinko Roll.
Roll with salmon skin.
Roll with cucumber.
Futomaki Roll with Sweet Potato Sushi Roll (Maki Roll).
Roll, Godzilla.

What is the best combination for sushi?

9 Popular Sushi Cucumber Fillings And Toppings.
The egg is fried.
Avocado with salmon.
Cucumber pickled with egg.
Make pickled seaweed.
Red onion with beef.
Pulled pork on a bed of coleslaw.
Cucumber with fish roe.

What is the most sushi eaten in one sitting?

Nigiri is a tasty sort of sushi, and it’s logical that someone would want to eat it all the time. Tim Janus of San Francisco (nicknamed Eater X) may have gone too far when he polished down 141 pieces of nigiri in six minutes on April 11, 2008.

What is most American sushi?

5 of the Best Americanized Sushi Rolls
Roll in Philadelphia.
Roll in California.
Roll the dragon.
The Alaska Roll.
Roll with Teriyaki Chicken.

What sushi is best for beginners?

The Best Sushi for Novices
Salmon, avocado, and cream cheese on a Philadelphia roll.
King Crab Roll – Mayonnaise with King crab.
Shrimp, avocado, and cucumber on a Boston roll.
Tuna with spicy mayo on a roll.
Imitation crab, avocado, and cucumber make up the California Roll.

What is Japan famous dish sushi?

Sushi (,,, pronounced [si] or [si]) is a Japanese meal of cooked vinegared rice (, sushi-meshi), generally with some sugar and salt, served with a variety of items (, neta), such as fresh fish and vegetables.

Which sushi to eat first?

Ideally, you should start with lighter, white fish and work your way up to rich, fatty fish. Consume the sushi. Nigiri and sashimi should be consumed in one mouthful with patient chewing, although larger maki rolls may take two bites.

What are the 6 main types of sushi?

Let’s Roll 6: Sushi Types Explained 1: Nigiri. One of the most common forms of sushi, nigiri is typically composed of fresh fish or other seafood neatly draped over a small mound of vinegar-seasoned rice that’s been brushed with wasabi.
Chirashi. Oshizushi.
Temaki. Uramaki.

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