15 Refreshing Lemon Cocktails

Cocktails may benefit greatly with a squirt of tart lemon juice. Here are seven of the most delicious lemony drinks you’ll want to offer all summer.

From lemon vodka to a gin fizz drink, this list has the best lemon cocktails you’ve ever had. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed if you try these cocktails at your next summer event.

Lemon Drop Shots

One of our favorite cocktails is lemon drop shots. It’s sweet and tangy, with a strong lemon taste. Here’s how to create a delicious lemon drop shot at home.

Jungle Juice

This is the simplest and most delicious way to serve beverages at parties, holiday feasts, or the Super Bowl! This low-cost drink blends fruit juices and fresh fruit with rum and vodka to get the party started. This punch is sweet, zesty, and light.

Long Island Iced Tea

If Long Island iced tea is your favorite party drink, you should be aware that it does not include tea. Instead, this famous cocktail is a delectable blend of five different types of alcohol, lemon juice, simple syrup, and cola!

Gin Fizz Cocktail

A basic gin fizz is a crowd-pleaser since it is simple to make, light, and refreshing.

New York Sour

This cocktail recipe is sure to wow your visitors. Not only does it appear beautiful, but it also tastes delicious. This cocktail is a winning combination of red wine and whiskey with a sour touch.

White Lady Cocktail

This dish, infused with delicious thyme and Cointreau, is ideal for offering at any summer party. It tastes rich and delicious. It’s an amazing drink that’s really rather simple to make.

Tom Collins Cocktail

This delightful citrus-infused effervescent beverage with undertones of gin and fresh herbs. This drink isn’t too sugary. It’s perfect! To enhance the tastes and make this adult lemonade even more delicious, add a touch of syrup.

Bourbon Lemonade

This drink, often known as Kentucky lemonade, is very easy to make and quite refreshing. You may also make a non-alcoholic version in the same amount of time.

Limoncello Martini

This lemon drop martini simply has four ingredients. It’s a fancy-looking drink with a delightful sweet and tart flavor.

Classic Whiskey Sour

This sour drink, made with bourbon and whiskey, has a strong lemon taste. To make a creamy, frothy drink that is both delectable and pleasant, combine sugar and egg white.

Cosmopolitan Cocktail

This traditional cocktail is usually a hit. It’s not very sweet or sour, and it’s ideal for cooking ahead of time to serve a crowd.

Lemon Vodka Cocktail

This lemon vodka recipe is a quick and easy to make beverage that is light and refreshing on a hot day.

Tequila Sour

This tequila cocktail is cool and refreshing, with just the right amount of sweetness and tang! Mix everything in a cocktail shaker to make a creamy froth on top. To take this dish to the next level, add additional egg white or syrup.

Limoncello Mojito

Why not add a splash of limoncello to a regular mojito for an Italian twist? This delightful drink, made with fresh lemons and mint, is ideal for poolside sipping.

St. Germain Champagne Cocktail

This frothy cocktail is fizzy, savory, and delicious, combining St. Germain, gin, and lemon with a splash of prosecco. Plus, it’s quite easy to assemble!

Easy Lemon Cocktail Recipe

Lemon drop shots are one of our favorite drinks. It’s sweet and tart with lots of lemony flavors. Here you’ll learn how to make a great lemon drop shot recipe at home.


Servings: 8


  • 4shots vodka
  • 1shot lemon juicefreshly squeezed or bottled
  • 1shot sugaror to taste plus more for garnish
  • ice cubes


  • After juicing a lemon, drain it to remove the seeds and pulp.
  • Rub a lemon slice over the rim of the shot glass, then quickly dip it into the sugar that has been put out on a small dish. Place aside.
  • In a shaking glass, combine ice, vodka, lemon juice, and sugar.
  • Shake well (approximately 10 times) until the sugar is entirely dissolved.
  • Pour the cocktail into a shot glass and garnish with a lemon slice. Serve and have fun!


What drinks can be made from lemons?

When you’re short of limes, try these five fantastic lemon cocktails.
Martini with lemon and basil.
Mojitos with strawberries and lemon.
Hard Lemonade with Roasted Lemon and Bay Leaf.
Gin Fizz with Lemon and Lavender.
Collins with Limoncello.

What are the best 3 ingredient cocktails every home bartender should know?

The unquestioned heavyweight champion of the traditional cocktail realm is the Old Fashioned. The original three-ingredient cocktail consists of bourbon, bitters, and sugar.

What is the most absurd cocktail?

These are the drinks in question.
Pia Colada with Pig’s Blood (USA)
Cocktail with Camel Milk (Abu Dhabi)
Karsk, Norway
Martini with sauerkraut (Germany)
Canada’s Sourtoe Cocktail

When life gives you lemons cocktails?

When Life Hands You Lemons… Order EQUIPMENT FOR A COCKTAIL. Shaker for cocktails. Glass coupe.
INGREDIENTS (ONE SERVING) 50ml lemon vodka (see ingredients below) 20ml lemon syrup (see ingredients below)…
FOR THE VODKA WITH LEMON. Bottle of vodka, 700ml. 250g lemon peel (fresh).
TO MAKE THE LEMON SYRUP. 250g lemon peel (fresh). 500g caster sugar.

What do Italians do with lemons?

These two types of luscious lemons are used in sweets like granita (shaved ice doused in lemonade), limoncello (a candy-like liqueur with a strong kick, known as limoncino in the Cinque Terre), delizia (a dome of fluffy cake filled and slathered with a thick, whipped lemon cream), spremuta di limone (fresh-squeezed lemon…

What Italian drink is made of lemons?

Limoncello is a lemon liqueur produced in Italy using lemon zest, sugar, and a neutral alcohol (typically vodka). After Campari, it is the second most popular liqueur in Italy. While it is most closely linked with the Amalfi Coast and the island of Capri, it is produced across Italy by both major and small producers.

What is the golden rule of mixology?

The ideal cocktail ratio is 2 parts liquor, 1 part sour (typically lemon or lime juice), and 1 part simple syrup. If you follow this recipe, your drinks will be all parts wonderful.

What is a bartenders least favorite drink to make?

Mojito. The mojito is one of the most despised beverages among bartenders. Why? According to Jackson Strayer-Benton, Beverage Director at Hen of the Wood, Doc Ponds, and Prohibition Pig in Vermont, it’s a disaster to prepare.

What is the number 1 cocktail?

New liqueurs were accessible to bartenders during this time, resulting in new and better whiskey drinks. However, many bar patrons just requested a drink “the old fashioned way.” Even now, the Old Fashioned is the most popular drink in many establishments.

What is the most requested cocktail?

1. The Margarita. For years, the original Margarita drink has been one of the most popular cocktails in America, and it still reigns supreme. Although there are other variants, the basic recipe calls for tequila, Triple Sec, and lime juice.

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